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Millennium + 5 Summit

Rapport/dokument | 12. september, 2005 kl. 0:00

Decisions to be taken at the Millennium + 5 Summit will not only focus on UN reform and the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, but also on how to deliver peace in the face of new security threats, including the threat posed by...

State of Conflict

Rapport/dokument | 5. november, 2003 kl. 0:00

An investigation into the landgrabbers, loggers and lawless frontiers in Pará State, Amazon.

Deni Introduction

Rapport/dokument | 6. august, 2003 kl. 0:00

Greenpeace is well known for exposing problems, naming polluters, bearing witness and forcing change to industrial and even social practices in order to increase environmental protection. But why has Greenpeace been involved for over four years...

Greenpeace and the Deni

Rapport/dokument | 6. august, 2003 kl. 0:00

The Greenpeace and Deni story began in 1999 when Greenpeace discovered that WTK, the Malaysian logging giant, had purchased lands that overlapped with the Deni territory in the Brazilian Amazon. Due to its record as a global forest destroyer...

The Demarcation Process

Rapport/dokument | 6. august, 2003 kl. 0:00

By 1500, when the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, the Indigenous population was estimated between 2 and 4 million people, according to ISA (Social and Environmental Institute, a Brazilian NGO). Most of these people were settled along the banks of...

The Deni Facts and Figures

Rapport/dokument | 6. august, 2003 kl. 0:00

Facts and Figures on the Deni indigenous people

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