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Fragile: Our reproductive health and chemical exposure

Rapport/dokument | 2. maj, 2006 kl. 0:00

This report collates the findings of a number of peer-reviewed scientific studies of recent years. Together, the studies show for the first time a comprehensive picture of an increase in reproductive health disorders, mirroring the rising...

Atomkraftkalender - 365 årsager til at afvikle atomkraft

Rapport/dokument | 2. maj, 2006 kl. 0:00

For de fleste af os er atomkraft og risikoen for ulykker associeret med Tjernobyl katastrofen. I denne kalender kan du læse om en hændelse, en ulykke eller et radioaktivt udslip for hver af årets 365 dage. Vi har lavet kalenderen som en...

Hazardous Chemicals in Precipitation

Rapport/dokument | 1. maj, 2006 kl. 12:09

Greenpeace study showing that rainwater in three European countries is polluted with a range of hazardous chemicals. Scientists analysed 50 samples of rainwater collected by Greenpeace across the Netherlands, with secondary sampling from...

Consuming Chemicals - Hazardous chemicals in house dust as an indicator of chemical...

Rapport/dokument | 1. maj, 2006 kl. 0:00

What this report shows is that chemicals that may present a long-term hazard to human health are present in significant amounts in virtually every one of over 100 homes we visited. Here then is a clue as to why levels are increasing,...

REACH 2nd Reading

Rapport/dokument | 24. april, 2006 kl. 18:13

Key priorities of Environmental, Health, Consumer and Women's NGOs.Will REACH be a wasted opportunity for making chemicals safe in the EU or will it be a first step towards the protection of human health and the environment from the most...

Skuespiller Sofie Lassen

Billede | 24. april, 2006 kl. 14:36

Skuespiller Sofie Lassen-Kahlke er en af otte kendte danskere, som har doneret 50 ml. af deres blod til projekt Blodig alvor - fjern farlig kemi.

Chernobyl sampling operation briefing (October 2005)

Rapport/dokument | 24. april, 2006 kl. 14:03

The Greenpeace sampling operation of October 2005, was concentrated in the area west from the Chernobyl reactor outside the so-called 'exclusion zone' at publically accessible territory. In total, some 40 samples at different locations of soil,...

Chernobyl – A Nuclear Catastrophe 20 years on

Rapport/dokument | 24. april, 2006 kl. 13:56

This review considers Chernobyl as it is today and how it might be in future decades. It gives regard to past decisions on how to isolate and cope with the radioactivity and contamination, and it reviews the present approach to management and...

Fatal Flaws: Effect thresholds and "adequate control" of risks: the fatal flaws in...

Rapport/dokument | 23. april, 2006 kl. 0:00

Preparation of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation on chemicals has reached a critical stage in Europe. Depending on how key elements of the legislative proposal are finalised, especially that on the...

Where Have All The Tuna Gone?

Rapport/dokument | 23. april, 2006 kl. 0:00

Fishing for northern bluefin tuna is one of the most profitable fishing industries in the Mediterranean. However, today's mismanagement, boosted by purse seining fishing fleets and the fast development of tuna fattening ranches, threatens the...

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