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Dima Litvinov

Projektledare och resurs för flera olika kampanjer. Född i Sovjetunionen. Vid 12 års ålder blev familjen utvisad till USA. Återvände till Ryssland efter Sovjetunionens sönderfall för att starta kampanjarbetet. Bor sedan 1994 i Stockholm. Har en magisterexamen i politisk antropologi från Wesleyan University, Ct, USA. Styrelseordförande i Greenpeace Ryssland.

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  • They will never learn, will they?

    Blogginlägg av Dima Litvinov - 9 oktober, 2012 på 13:04

    A full sized nuclear power plant that has been running for a few months has enough radioactive material in it to kill all life on Earth.   It’s also a very complicated and sensitive piece of technical equipment. It’s also, basically, a glorified steam... Läs mer >

  • Thanks for the good advice!

    Blogginlägg av Dima Litvinov - 5 september, 2012 på 10:39

    Outside Gazpprom HQ in Moscow

    I was on board our ship Arctic Sunrise,  rolling on the swell of the eastern Barents sea, far north in the Russian Arctic, looking through the binoculars at a rusting hulk of Prirazlomnaya, the first ice-capable permanent oil platform to be placed in ... Läs mer >

  • Blood and oil in the Arctic

    Blogginlägg av Dima Litvinov - 21 december, 2011 på 14:55

    I remember falling into the freezing Arctic waters during an action against a pirate bottom trawler in the Barents. I was wearing a survival suit, and about 8 layers of wool, which made the climb up the caving ladder onto the pirate ship from the Gree... Läs mer >

  • One world - two realities

    Blogginlägg av Dima Litvinov - 25 november, 2011 på 13:46

    Last week I heard two completely different views of the same thing. One came from a top Swedish government official at a seminar on board the Greenpeace flag ship Rainbow Warrior dedicated to drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic.  

    The second view ... Läs mer >

  • I remember the first time I saw a deep-sea bottom trawler out on the Hatton Bank out in the middle of the Atlantic.  A huge ship with rust spots all along the water line, with a giant winch that wound kilometers of cable.

    The vessel was called Ivan... Läs mer >

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