Today (January 23), the Swedish Land and Environmental Court in Stockholm gave its opinion to the government on whether to allow the final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark, Sweden. The court said it could not recommend the Government to approve of the application unless the industry can provide additional data proving that the capsules that would contain the spent nuclear fuels would not leak. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, has already given their opinion in which they recommend approval of the application by the nuclear industry association, SKB.The findings today is the result of seven years of investigations. After this the Government will give the final decision on whether to approve the application or not.

– We welcome this decision by the Land and Environmental Court of Sweden today. Its findings underline that problems of nuclear waste with the proposed method are far from being solved, says Rolf Lindahl climate and energy campaigner of Greenpeace Sweden

– The decision shows clearly that even after decades of research, safe handling of nuclear spent fuel cannot be guaranteed. As such this decision is a clear signal to our politicians to as quickly as possible phase out dangerous nuclear power and shift towards safe renewable energy.

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