A report on how the state-owned forest company Sveaskog de-registers woodland key habitats

To the international community, Sweden tries to present its forestry as combining timber production with environmental sustainability. But is this really true? This report shows that even the state-owned company Sveaskog uses forests with high conservation value for timber production, risking the survival of threatened species.

A woodland key habitat is a forest area that plays a key role for our future – it is a forest that is home to a multitude of life. Such ecosystems are the basis of all life. Biodiversity is also important for the ability of ecosystems to resist and adapt to climate change. The short-sightedness that Sveaskog displays can never give the Swedish people or the international customers what they want: a forest rich in biodiversity, where we can explore nature, where sustainable management provides end consumers with sustainable products, where reindeer husbandry is possible, and a forest that helps us mitigate and handle the burning issue of our time: climate change.

We demand that the Swedish government and parliament change Sveaskog’s directives so that they can put nature before profit – see the Swedish environmental movement’s campaign Our Forest [www.varskog.nu]. We also demand
that Sveaskog stops de-registering woodland key habitats.

Here you can read the report

The old growth forest threatened by the Swedish state

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