Greenpeace SY Witness with gas tanker Coral Energy in the background

Since around 9.30 on Thursday morning, activists from Greenpeace Nordic have been on site in Nynäshamn, stopping the flow of Russian fossil gas into Sweden. Climbers on the unloading cranes at the fossil gas terminal, kayaks in the water and the Greenpeace sailing vessel Witness managed to get the gas tanker Coral Energy to turn around and set course for the Baltic Sea again. It has now been almost 24 hours since the peaceful protest began and no Russian gas has entered Nynäshamn since. The activists in the cranes at the gas terminal were taken down by police late yesterday afternoon but the Greenpeace sailing vessel Witness continued to anchor outside docks. This morning at 5:30, Swedish police took over Greenpeace sailing vessel Witness and moved it out of the way. Greenpeace now hands over the task of stopping the Swedish imports of Russian gas fuelling Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to the Swedish government.

– Greenpeace is doing what Magdalena Andersson and the government have failed to: to stop the flow of Russian fossil gas that finances the war in Ukraine from entering Sweden. It is not reasonable to help Ukraine with one hand and finance Putin’s invasion with the other. Now that we can no longer be on site, it is the government’s responsibility to impose an immediate import stop for the Russian gas, says Karolina Carlsson, campaign manager at Greenpeace, on board the ship Witness.

Pictures and video from the protest in Nynäshamn 

Press release from the start of the campaign yesterday


Karolina Carlsson, Campaign leader at Greenpeace Nordic, on the Greenpeace sailing ship in Nynäshamn, +46 (0)73-986 50 96 Ludvig Tillman, press officer, in Nynäshaman, +46 (0)70 271 64 37