5 Reasons Why Moms Love Solar

by Hanna Mitchell

May 9, 2014

This Mothers Day, moms are taking a stand for solar. Check out this video that shines a light on the stories of solar moms. Moms not only support the use of solar energy to meet home energy needs, but women are increasingly driving the decision to go solar. One household at a time, moms are leading the way to a cleaner, safer and more affordable energy future. Here are some of the reasons why moms are proudly putting panels on their roofs.

1.) Installing solar brings down monthly energy bills: As the industry expands, the cost of solar is coming down fast, and promises to keep dropping. Nationwide, the average cost of solar panels has declined 60% since 2011. Moms appreciate the power of solar to reduce energy bills and these days, as much as 80% of women control household budgets. Solar is a smart financial investment because an installation can return two to four times its cost in saved energy bills, while also increasing the resale value of a home.

2.) Solar means clean air and water: Solar energy does not produce pollution or waste and contributes to healthier communities. Going solar also reduces the demand on the grid which diminishes the need for dirty energy plants. As caregivers, moms appreciate that solar does not create pollution that causes health issues such as asthma and cancer.

3.) Solar mitigates climate change: By switching to solar, the average household can save tons of greenhouse gas emissions and help diminish extreme weather patterns such as hurricanes, droughts, and severe cold fronts. Putting solar on your roof contributes to creating a healthier climate for future generations

4.) Solar supports the local economy: Solar installations require skilled labor that cannot be outsourced. As of November 2013, the U.S. solar industry employed 142,698 people and grew 19.9% from 2012. Going solar supports jobs for thousands of American families.

5.) Solar demonstrates energy leadership: One of the major questions for the next generation is how we will supply our energy needs. Going solar is a bold decision to become part of the solution to a more just and sustainable energy future.

But dont just take my word for it! Check out thisinspiring video about moms in North Carolina that are standing up for solar.

Hanna Mitchell

By Hanna Mitchell

Hanna Mitchell is a Field Organizer for Greenpeace USA based in Charlotte, NC. She works to bring clean, safe, affordable, and renewable energy options to communities in North Carolina.

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