8 Reasons Canada Doesnt Want Texas Senator Ted Cruz Back

by Mark Floegel

August 29, 2013

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Questions were recently raised whether Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), said to harbor presidential ambitions, meets the Constitution’s definition of a “natural born citizen,” a qualification for the presidency. Sen. Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta to an American mother and Cuban father.

Most Constitutional scholars agree Sen. Cruz is a natural born US citizen via his mother. As he was born on Canadian soil, however, Sen. Cruz is also a natural born Canadian citizen. Sen Cruz has said he did not realize he was automatically a Canadian citizen and has announced his intention to renounce that citizenship.

Why would Canada want Senator Cruz anyhow?

8. They already have a big, oily, climate-killing mess in Alberta. They dont need another.

7. They disavowed kooky semi-Canadian Tom Cruise. Merely changing the spelling of the last name will not fool them.

6.Since Ted Cruz denies climate reality, he can stay in parched, dusty, wild fire-ridden Texas.

5. Their loonies are dollars.

4. If Ted Cruz gets his way, hockey will cease to exist as an outdoor sport.

3. There are too many politicians in Canada beholden to Big Oil. Adding another will make the problem more obvious.

2. Thats what we get for all the Canuck jokes, hosers.

1. It serves the US right for inventing NAFTA

Mark Floegel

By Mark Floegel

Mark Floegel is the Research Director with Greenpeace USA. A former journalist, he's been working in public interest advocacy for 30 years, with Greenpeace since 1989. In his current role, Mark helps determine long-range strategic direction for Greenpeace and the execution of Greenpeace campaigns.

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