A quarter of a million weigh in on Arctic Drilling

by Melanie Duchin

July 13, 2011

polar bear

We did it!

Last week I asked you to submit comments to the Department of the Interior, asking Secretary Ken Salazar to protect the Arctic Ocean from Big Oil and their reckless offshore drilling plans. 

Greenpeace worked with a number of coalition partners to collect as many comments as possible before the comment period closed.  Our initial goal was to have 150,000 people submit a comment. 

I am happy to let you know that we not only hit that goal, we in fact exceeded it to collect over 230,000 comments!  That’s right almost a quarter of a million of you acted quickly in favor of protecting the Arctic Ocean polar bears, walrus, seals, whales and indigenous peoples of the Arctic who depend on them.  This was monumental!

The campaign is far from over.  Shell still plans to begin drilling exploratory wells in the Arctic waters off Alaska next summer.  With your help, we will not allow this to happen.

I will keep you posted with updates.

Again, thank you for all your help.

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