Activists arrested and pod captured but this is not the end

by Ben Stewart

June 2, 2011

Climbers working with the Danish navy have just broken into our pod suspended from the Cairn Energy oil rig here in the Arctic seas off Greenland and arrested the two Greenpeace climbers inside.

Hannah and Luke had been suspended beneath the belly of the gigantic Leiv Eiriksson in the Arctic survival pod 25 meters above the sea for almost a hundred hours.

Although they’ve now been arrested and their occupation ended, we’ve vowed to continue the campaign to kick the oil companies out of the Arctic.

You can see how the last minutes of their marathon protest unfolded in the live feed they maintained for the duration of their vigil.

Together they stopped that rig from drilling for four days, which is four days in which a Deepwater Horizon-style blow-out couldn’t happen and this beautiful fragile environment was safe from the Leiv Eiriksson.

During this time the story of Hannah and Luke in their pod spread across the world gaining huge support for our campaign to keep the Arctic free of risky oil drilling. Before she scaled the rig and hung the pod with Luke, I remember Hannah was especially struck by the fact that 88% of Greenland’s exports come from the island’s fisheries. Greenland’s economy would be decimated by a spill.

Hannah and Luke are in jail now but that won’t stop us opposing the madness of drilling for oil in a region where a spill would be almost impossible to clean up. This isn’t over. We’ll keep on pushing till the oil companies get out of the Arctic.

Here on the Esperanza we remain near the rig, just outside a 500m exclusion zone declared by a Danish warship that’s been on the scene since Sunday. And the other Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is near by.

It’s night now – but it’s not dark. The lights of the rig are burning brightly, and our thoughts are with Hannah and Luke, wherever it is they’ve been taken.

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