Activists challenge President Obama to live up to his promises

by Michelle Frey

October 15, 2009

Thursday, dozens of activists gathered outside the Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco. Activists hoped to get a glimpse of President Obama as he approached the fundraiser to speak to his party.



San Francisco has long been a city that’s given President Obama strong support– in part, this support hinged on his promise to lead on global warming. Unfortunately, Obama has so far allowed industry lobbyists to drive US climate policy, in spite of the billions of people whose lives are touched by climate change. Like many regions of the world experiencing the early effects of global warming, California has suffered from record wildfires and water shortages.

To make sure he’d get the message that more is required, activists stood on the street corner and used music players to broadcast samples of Obama’s statements committing to leadership in addressing climate change. The audio also included a challenge from activists to live up to his promises to lead the world toward a solution to the crisis.

Activists had a very simple message of the President, “please be the leader you vowed to be.”

President Obama needs to go to Copenhagen and push for a strong world treaty that does what science says will protect future generations. So far, he’s let Congress take the lead, but they have fallen dramatically short of what science says is necessary. The world desperately needs the president to be the leader he promised he would be.

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