Agents of change in New York City

by Guest Blogger

September 20, 2009

Four courageous, inspirational women from around the world are in New York right now to urge President Obama and heads of state from over 100 countries to take action against climate change. These women have either lost their homes, jobs or food supply to flooding, droughts and other disasters. But they are taking action to rebuild their lives and they are now speaking out for their communities – their family. They are from Mississippi, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands in the Pacific. In facing incredibly desperate situations – all of them have developed a strong voice for action climate change.


agents of change

Sharon Hanshaw, a cosmetologist from Biloxi, who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, became a leader in preparing her community for the future. Ursula Rakova is moving the 1700 citizens of the tiny Carteret Islands to a mainland location in Papua New Guinea. Ulamila Kurai Wragg, a veteran journalist from the Cook Islands has galvanized Pacific Island women in media, from Hawaii to Fiji, to lead the way in addressing climate change. Constance Okollet, from a small village in Uganda, is a mother who is organising a network of 40 regional women’s groups to confront starvation, drought and inadequate health care caused by climate change.



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