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We want to hear what climate action means to you!

Got #Climate2020 candidate questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Chat with Janet, Tim, Vanessa, Jack, and Charlie, our Greenpeace Climate Team.

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How this page works to stop climate change

This Isn’t Your Average Candidate Scorecard

1. Click on a Candidate

Find out where your candidate stands on kickstarting the #GreenNewDeal and saying #NoToFossilFuels (the recipe for addressing climate change before it’s too late).

2. Praise ‘em or Shame ‘em

The candidates need to hear from all of us: whether it’s praise for a strong climate platform or a call out for half-baked or downright bad ideas if we’re going to get aggressive climate action within ten years and avoid climate catastrophe.

3. Change the Course of History

If we push each candidate often and altogether, we have a HUGE opportunity to make real climate action a priority this primary season. Get updates on our #Climate2020 progress by texting “CLIMATE” to 877-877 now.

The Rankings

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    1. Joe Biden


    Green New Deal


    No Fossil Fuels


    How They Scored

    Biden’s climate plan shows how far the baseline for political action to advance environmental justice and tackle the climate crisis has shifted. But more transformative action is still needed to fully address the scale of the interlocking crises of climate catastrophe, racial injustice, and the global pandemic. Biden has committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and carbon pollution-free electric power by 2035, although his plan doubles down on risky carbon capture and sequestration technology. He’s pledged to eliminate coal, gas, and oil subsidies and hold polluters accountable, but has not pledged to reject permits for new fossil fuel infrastructure. He made strong commitments to coal and power plant workers, but has not promised to guarantee wages and benefits to all workers impacted by the energy transition. Biden wants to re-establish U.S. global leadership to tackle the climate crisis, but more pressure is needed to ensure a Biden Administration would confront the fossil fuel companies fueling the crisis. Read more.

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    2. Donald Trump


    Green New Deal


    No Fossil Fuels


    How They Scored

    Trump denies the reality of the climate crisis and is actively promoting fossil fuels while weakening existing climate protections. His Cabinet is filled with former coal and oil lobbyists. Trump gets an “F” for putting our most vulnerable communities — and our very futures — at risk. Read more.

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Act Now!


The time to act on climate change is now!

We know there’s a lot at stake in 2020, but middle of the road approaches to climate change won’t cut it. The next president needs to have the guts and vision to move us toward a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future where we reject the politics of fear and exclusion — while directly confronting corporate polluters who poison the air, water, and land.

If every 2020 candidate says #NoToFossilFuels and YES to a just and equitable Green New Deal, this election could ignite an energy revolution.

Our Grading


How our grading works

We scored candidates based on their responses to a Greenpeace USA survey and their public records, then assigned each a letter grade. Scores will be updated as candidates’ positions change. Among Democrats, we only included Democratic candidates who have crossed the DNC debate threshold. Check out our detailed methodology here.

What matters most is how each candidate would:

  1. Say #NoToFossilFuels by halting oil, gas, and coal expansion, phase out existing fossil fuel infrastructure, and center fossil fuel workers and climate-impacted communities in the transition to a renewable energy economy.
  2. Champion a Green New Deal by mobilizing our economy toward 100% renewable energy for all, creating millions of family-sustaining jobs, and securing a better future for communities that have borne the brunt of fossil fuel industry exploitation.