December 2012 Photo of the Month


January 11, 2013

Greenpeace activists stage a 'vertical catwalk' action in front of the Levi's store in the biggest mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. The activists are taking part in a series of Greenpeace activities held in over 80 cities worldwide, demanding that Levis commits to eliminating the use of all hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chain.

© Christian Åslund / Greenpeace

The December 2012 Photo of the Month by Christian slund turns perspective perpendicular. One of many actions in an imaginative global campaign that got Levi’s to commit to working with their suppliers to stop the release of hazardous chemicals into waterways, Danish activists staged a vertical fashion show on the side of a Levi’s store in Copenhagen.

Vertical Catwalk

An activist "model" walks up the side of a Levi's store

I picked the picture for the way the “model” appears close to the camera balanced and poised taking a step forward as the photographers lie flat on the ground to shoot is well balanced and the flash firing brings it all together.

It took only eight days of actions around the world to move Levi’s over to the Detox team. Activists in Mexico created an elaborate a “Day of the Dead” mask to tag Levi’s which was used in protests in Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Vienna. A flash mob turned out in Johannesburg while mannequins revolted at the Levi’s flagship store in San Francisco and a river of foam evoking polluted waters around textile factories flowed in front of their world headquarters building nearby.

Detox actions started in 2011 and will continue. So far a host of clothing manufacturers have agreed to take steps to take toxic chemicals out of their products, but there are others that still need convincing. The mannequins might not be able to rest just yet.

From the Front

An activist walks a banner on a Levi's store


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