Disrupt Dirty Power


March 22, 2012

This Saturday, an affinity group of the Occupy movement and allied organizations will launch a month of actions leading up to Earth Day that will take on the polluters and the 1% that finance and profit from dangerous energy. It’s called Disrupt Dirty Power:

The Eviction of the Fossil Fuel Occupation begins

Consider: During the warmest winter in modern memory, fossil fuel companies cooked up new plans to bake our planet once and for all. Defying public outrage and a presidential rebuff, they laid tar sands pipelines. They imperiled our water supplies with poisonous fracking. They went on drilling and spilling oil in our increasingly lifeless seas. And they continued to move whole mountaintops for that supreme carbon bomb: dirty coal.

At one of Saturday’s events, Greenpeace USA Executive Director Phil Radford will join our allies at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, 350.org and more in Richmond, Virginia for a March to End Dominion’s Power Madness. Hundreds of Virginians will protest at the headquarters of Dominion Power, a utility company that is doubling down on dirty energy while blocking renewable energy.

And in the city where the Occupy movement began?

On March 24 in New York City, activists will flip the Occupy meme for a day, converging on the United Nations dressed in the business-as-usual attire of bankers and fossil fuel executives, where they will erect a polluters encampment of Wall Street corporations and force authorities to arrest themthe real occupiers that are squandering the planet.

In case you missed going outside since December, heres some news: Spring came early. So join the movement and begin this global call of action to end impunity for the 1% fossil fuel corporations whose greed imperils us all. See how you and your communities can disrupt the criminal business of dirty power and reclaim the Global Commons for the 100%, by visiting www.disruptdirtypower.org.





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