Energy Independence Day


July 3, 2013

Colorado Renewable Energy Alamosa Solar Generating Plant, a 30 megawatt concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) power plant near Alamosa, Colorado June 7, 2013 Owned by Cogentrix Energy, it was called the largest CPV facility in the world when it came operational in May 2012. The 500 dual-axis CPV Amonix 7700 tracker assemblies cover a 225-acre plot. Each tracker is 70 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Each has 7,560 Fresnel lenses that concentrate sunlight by a multiple of 500 onto multijunction gallium arsenide photovoltaic cells. * City: Alamosa * State: Colorado

Robert Meyers

Solar Power Station

The Alamosa concentrated photo voltaic solar power station in the San Luis Valley

In the United States we mark the anniversary of our nations birth with parades, concerts, picnics, fairs and fireworks. People dress in red, white and blue and advertisers go berserk. We should be celebrating our liberation from fossil fuel, but for some reason that battle isnt over. The means to break our dependence on dirty oil, gas and coal are at hand and we should take them up immediately.

Recently I got to see the future of energy. I was in Colorado to investigate the states renewable energy resources and it is truly amazing how far and how fast they have become reality. Not that there isnt a frenzy of hydraulic fracturing competing with people, farmers and wildlife for precious clean water as well as mining and timber interests destroying public land for profit, but some things change faster than others.

From the wind farms of the eastern plains, the solar panels covering buildings all over the state to the Oz like scale of the San Luis Valley solar power stations, Colorado is breaking free. Having passed a renewable energy portfolio standard by referendum in 2004, Coloradans are busy generating their own power with rooftop solar and seeing their utility meters run backwards.

Cedar Creek Wind Farm

Wind Turbines in Weld County near the Wyoming border

While the Germans would probably give their feed in tariffs for the 330 days of sunshine that Coloradans enjoy in an average year, people in the rest of the states should take up the opportunity to get free of the crushing monthly subsidies to coal-fired power plants that pollute our air and water and make us sick.

Renewable Energy in Colorado

Solar photovoltaic panels at the Denver Federal Center.

Solar PV

Small scale rooftop solar in the Huerfano Valley of Colorado. Off the grid energy independence.

If we could end the national subsidies to the petroarchy and redeploy our resources in renewable energy we will become free to pursue the happiness of a clean energy future. That we can celebrate.

Statue of Liberty at the White House

A Statue of Liberty costume passes down Pennsylvania Avenue during a rally to ask for environmental action from the White House


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