#FeelGoodFriday: footage from the clean energy revolution

by Daniel Schreiber

May 24, 2013

Greenpeace "cleaning crew" member David Pinsky at the Apple Store. Greenpeace's international Clean Our Cloud campaign is calling on industry laggards Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon to join the growing number of tech companies who are taking steps to power their electronic data centers substantially with renewable energy.

© Nader Khouri / Greenpeace

Apple just released a beautiful new video of the solar array it recently built in Maiden, North Carolina.

This project is the largest end-user-owned photovoltaic solar array in the country. It will be powering Apples internet data center in North Carolina, which stores all of your contacts, photos, text messages, and really anything else on Apples iCloud.

Prior to the construction of this solar array, Apple was powering its North Carolina data center with dirty coal-fired power supplied by the energy utility Duke Energy. I was surprised that a progressive company like Apple would power itself with energy that causes pollution and global warming.

With your support, Greenpeace set out to change Apples dependence on dirty energy. During our Clean our Cloud campaign last year, we worked with Apples customers to show the company that its loyal supporters wanted an iCloud powered with clean energy.

Activists all over the world took action, including some dressed as life-sized iPhones walking around Apples HQ in Cupertino, CA:

iCloud Action at Apple HQ

And Apples not the only tech giant that youve convinced to move to clean energy. Google is working to get more clean energy on the grid, and Facebook committed to power its data centers with 100 % clean energy after Greenpeaces Unfriend Coal campaign:

Airship Flies Over Facebook HQ in USA

Thanks to the public pressure that you put on Apple, it has joined them and pledged to use 100% renewable energy to power its data centers across the country. This solar array is just the beginning and a sign that the Clean Energy Revolution is in full swing.

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