Getting the truth about the oil spill and confronting reckless oil exploration

by Mike Gaworecki

August 26, 2010

Greenpeace Go Beyond Oil logoYou’ve probably seen that our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is in the Gulf of Mexico right now on a mission to get to the truth about the oil spill and its impacts on the Gulf’s ecosystems and wildlife.

You might also have seen that another one of our ships, the Esperanza, is currently off the coast of Greenland, confronting reckless oil exploration and driving home the message that it’s time to “Go Beyond Oil.”

Just wanted to make sure you also saw these videos, which tell a little bit more about what each of these ship tours are all about.

In this video, Dan Howells, our very own deputy campaign directory, along with Paul Horsman from the Global Campaign for Climate Action and Captain Pete Willcox describe the mission of the Arctic Sunrise and the independent scientists onboard.

This next video was especially cool to me because I had the opportunity to sail on the Esperanza last year. Manness, the engineer you see in the video who talks about the energy efficiency measures installed on the ship, was onboard with me at the time as well. I’m kind of jealous I’m not onboard now helping confront Big Oil for recklessly endangering the fragile Arctic wilderness. But this video is so well done it’s pretty much as close as you can get to actually being on the ship without actually being on the ship.

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