Greenpeace at the DNC: Day 2

by Robert Gardner

September 5, 2012

Greenpeace calls on Democrats to cut ties with Duke Energy

Its a very different feeling today at the convention that it was yesterday. The Occupy rally rattled a few cages, the good people from Undocubus got out of jail today, and there was a great protest outside of a Southern Company sponsored event. I think that the delegates are getting the message.

To quote todays Greenwire headline, Democrats and the energy industryits complicated.

Well, its less complicated than they may think.

This is Duke Energys convention and CEO Jim Rogers is the star. Despite ringing this city in four coal and two nuclear power plants, theyve still managed to escape a good deal of scrutiny. No doubt they are greenwashing every chance they get; including a full publication that given to every member of the press upon arriving at the convention.

Thats a full-on sham if you ask me. So, weve had to ramp up the pressure a bit and asked a couple of other folks. Chuck Schumer said they should drop ALEC. So did Dick Durbin. So did 150,000 people from around the country.

What else could we do? Activists in Ohio and right here in North Carolina delivered those petitions right to their doorstep. Then, along with our friends over at Energy Action Coalition, we walked on over and asked Mr. Rogers if he is ready to leave ALEC. He said hes heard us loud and clear and are making a decision as we speak.

People want Duke Energy out of ALEC. Sounds like its time for that leadership that Duke speaks about so often.

Leaving ALEC is a first step. Then, maybe theyll be freed up a bit from the corporate scandals, utility commission hearings and DNC planning to stop using blown-up mountains to power ancient coal plants. Live up to their own sustainability rhetoric then Im sure youd both Duke and the Democrats would have a more inclusive, less confrontational convention space inside a clean, green, renewable Charlotte.

By being a leader, Duke Energy can make this convention less of a locked down security space and more of an opportunity for real change in America.

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