Greenpeace joins Marylanders supporting offshore wind

by David Pinsky

February 9, 2012

Offshore wind farm Baltic one. It is the first German offshore wind farm in the Baltic sea. The energy firm EnBW builts up the farm to produce energy for 45000 households. 21 Siemens Windpower wind turbines Type SW 2,3 produce 50 megawatt. Baltic One, Deutschlands erster Offshore Windpark in der Ostsee. Energieunternehmen EnBW errichtet Offshorewindpark mit Strom fuer 45.000 Haushalte, 21 Siemens Windpower Windenergieanlagen Typ SW 2,3 erzeugen 50 Megawatt. 16 km noerdlich der Halbinsel Darss, Zingst, Deutsche Ostsee.

© Paul Langrock/Zenit / Zenit / Greenpeace

Offshore Wind Farm in the Baltic

As coal prices continue to increase, the natural gas fracking boom threatens millions of peoples drinking water, and global temperatures continue to rise, Maryland is considering a different way to get its energy.

Offshore wind.

This year, the Maryland legislature has the opportunity to approve the Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2011. Approving this legislation would begin the much-needed transition from dirty energy like coal to renewable sources. Marylands Governor Martin OMalley understands the state can rebuild its economy, create local jobs, and reduce its dependence on dirty energy by investing in offshore wind.

Just like in Washington, DC, in Marylands capitol city Annapolis, you can bet that the coal industrys corrupt lobbyists will work hard to block this legislation.

Thats why earlier this week when the new Rainbow Warrior stopped in Baltimore, we made a point to talk with Marylanders about the Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2011.

Every 10 minutes, another group of ten to forty people would join me in the ships conference room to learn more about Greenpeaces campaigns. When we talked about the potential for offshore wind, smiles, nods of approval, and questions like how can I make sure this legislation passes? were too many to count.

Its time coal industry lobbyists and dirty energy CEOs stop influencing our political system. Elected officials need to hear from the American people. Marylanders get it. Maryland can lead the clean energy revolution in the United States, starting with offshore wind.

If you want to see Maryland lead the way in clean, renewable energy, check out Greenpeace’s friends at Chesepeake Climate Action Network who are running a full time campaign for Maryland’s wind potential.

David Pinsky

By David Pinsky

David authors Greenpeace USA’s annual seafood sustainability report for the nation’s largest supermarkets, holding major companies accountable and shifting seafood practices that have global impacts on our oceans.

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