Have you called Michigan State to demand 100% clean energy?

by Phil Radford

April 12, 2012

Weve got a problem in Michigan.

Michigan State University students live in the shadow of the largest on-campus coal plant in the country. Students pay tuition for an education, not to be made sick by dirty energy that pollutes the air and contributes to climate change.

Michigan State University claims to Be Spartan Green, a reputation that is soiled by its burning over 200,000 tons of coal a year and putting over 47,000 students at risk from coal pollution every day?

On April 13th, the MSU Board of Trustees will vote on a new plan for how the campus will be powered for decades to come. Unfortunately, the plan is flawed, unambitious, and incomplete. It fails to set a retirement date for MSUs monstrous coal plant, and worse, it fails to map out a transition to 100% clean energy.

Students are standing up and refusing to let Michigan State continue with this greenwashing.

Last Monday, April 2nd, four MSU Greenpeace student activists unfurled a large 20ft x 20ft banner on a parking garage at Michigan State University demanding 100% clean energy like wind, solar, and geothermal. Since then, students from around the country have stepped up to support MSU, making over 1,000 calls to the MSU Board of Trustees demanding they vote NO on MSU’s flawed energy plan and instead to demand 100% clean energy now.Michigan State University BannerI am inspired by the leadership of students in the environmental (and all) movements. The least I could do to support the MSU students was to call the MSU Board of Trustees myself, urging them to vote No” on the proposed energy plan, commit to retire the T.B. Simon coal plant, and create a timeline to transition to 100% clean energy as quickly as possible (and no natural gas).

MSU has a unique opportunity to lead by transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy. By seizing this opportunity, MSU can lead the country in clean energy solutions, help rebuild Michigans economy, and prepare students for 21st century job opportunities.

Join me and the students of MSU and pick up your phones and call the Trustees, and I encourage everyone that can to head to MSU on April 13th. This is not just for MSU, but for every campus fighting dirty energy, and for a true energy revolution in this country.

Thanks for supporting MSU Greenpeace and fighting for 100% clean energy on our nations campuses.

Heres how to make a call:

MSU Board of Trustees Office: (517) 353-4647

Hi, my name is ________ and Im calling from (your campus or community) to urge Michigan State Universitys Board of Trustees [or specific Board member] to vote NO on the proposed energy transition plan.

The current plan fails to set a retirement date for the T.B. Simon coal plant and

doesnt have a timeline to transition to 100% clean energy. With the health and well being of 47,000 students at risk every year, MSU needs to show leadership by fixing the flawed plan.

Please vote NO on the proposed energy plan, and fix the flawed plan by

committing to close the T.B. Simon coal plant as quickly as possible and replace it with 100% clean energy. Thank you!

After calling, tell us how it went!

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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