Help protect the Pacific Northwest from coal exports – and the vulture capitalists behind them

by Brian Manning

June 24, 2014

In the face of the coal industrys efforts to force coal export terminals on the Pacific Northwest, thousands of people in Oregon and Washington have been working together to protect our communities. We have submitted comments, organized rallies, called on our elected officials to join us, and much more, because we know that these coal export projects would fuel climate change, threaten our health, and damage the environment.

Were winning the fight against coal exports, and Ambre Energy – the company behind coal export proposals near Longview, Washington, and the Port of Morrow, Oregon – is struggling. But a private equity firm called Resource Capital Funds (RCF) has swooped in to finance the company and its coal export proposals on the Columbia River.

We can stop this. If we can convince RCF to pull its investment, the proposed terminals could soon be out of funds. RCF is just looking for a quick buck. Thats why we must show RCF that backing coal exports means a long fight with us, not easy money!

Send RCF a message to pull its investment in coal exports now, because were committed to protecting the Pacific Northwest from coal — for the long haul.

In the past year, we have made extraordinary progress towards stopping coal exports. Of the six original proposals, only three remain! Gov. Kitzhaber of Oregon has come out against coal exports. And Ambre Energy, the company behind two of the remaining proposed coal export terminals, would likely be bankrupt without RCF.

Together we have written letters, called, rallied, and its made a difference. Now, to stop two more terminals, we must stand stronger than ever against coal exports.

We need to show RCF that its plan to come in, turn a quick profit, and head out again wont work – because we will stand in its way at every turn.

Everywhere, there are signs that the coal industry is seriously ailing. Coal plants around the country are shutting down and prices are falling. Speculators like RCF are just trying to squeeze every bit of profit they can from this dying industry. But we wont let them.

Stand for the Pacific Northwest now. The bigger we are, the faster we can shoo the vulture capitalists out of our states, and stop coal exports once and for all.

Lets stop coal exports!

By Brian Manning

Brian Manning is a field organizer in the Pacific Northwest with Greenpeace USA.

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