Is offshore drilling ever safe?

by Guest Blogger

June 21, 2010

Kert Davies, research director for Greenpeace US, appeared recently on The Breakdown, a weekly podcast on Kert was the architect of  and is currently running our campaign.

The Breakdown is a newly launched weekly podcast series by Christopher Haynes of Haynes describes the podcast: “Basically, it’s a new model of how readers and citizens can get their tough questions answered by experts and journalists”.

Last week, we saw a frenzy of activity around the oil spill — BP CEO Tony Hayward was grilled by Congress and President Obama addressed the nation for the first time ever from the Oval Office. Still, the situation remains the same in the Gulf — the world continues to watch the oil gush into the Gulf killing and harming precious marine animals and the ecosystems they rely on.

The Breakdown is betting that one question might have crossed a lot of people’s minds: “Is BP unique in its ability to create catastrophe or is the entire practice of offshore oil drilling inherently and equally dangerous regardless of which company is running the rig?”

Kert helps The Breakdown answer that question here, or listen below:

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