Climate Leadership

Together we demanded a climate leader. President Biden assumed office with the most ambitious climate platform ever outlined by a U.S. presidential candidate. Since becoming president, Joe Biden has done more to tackle the climate crisis than any president in history. He has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, issued an executive order to address the climate crisis, and appointed climate champions like Deb Haaland to his cabinet. At the same time, he has not yet done what science and justice demand.

As we look to confront the interwoven crises of climate change, COVID-19, and systemic racism, it is not enough to go back to normal. Normal was a crisis. Our elected officials must divest from systems of exploitation and extraction — like fossil fuels — and invest in a Green New Deal for workers, families, and communities. Science demands we rapidly phase out fossil fuel extraction and transition to 100% renewable energy. Justice demands we invest in the communities who have borne the brunt of pollution and the workers who today depend on the fossil fuel economy.

There is still time for President Biden to become the climate leader that our country — and the world — desperately needs. Declaring a climate emergency would protect our communities from extreme weather events and other climate impacts that are already unavoidable. Investing in the Green New Deal would prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis, create millions of jobs, and further racial and economic justice. 

Fossil fuel corporations receive $15 billion in federal subsidies every year. We applaud President Biden’s decision to eliminate subsidies to fossil fuel corporations as part of the American Jobs Plan. We also supported the introduction of a Clean Electricity Performance Program and the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps. Unfortunately, Republicans and a few fossil fuel backed Democrats continue to stand in the way of these common sense solutions. This election we must fight for a Congress that will take action at the speed and scale of the climate crisis, and do what science and justice demand.