KFC- A Bucket full of Rainforest Destruction

by Elise Nabors

July 9, 2012

When you treat yourself to some fried chicken, the last thing you expect this to do is help push Sumatran tigers closer to extinction. Thats why Greenpeaces LA frontline program took our “KFC Revolt” to the streets: to raise awareness of KFCs destructive habits. In short, theyre using packaging made from Indonesias rainforest and buying from paper suppliers that are pulping forest habitat that is crucial for some of the worlds most unique rainforests animals.
The LA demonstration began right outside the KFC on 3rd street and continued throughout the Grove a gigantic outdoor mall. Was it the huge banner, the jungle music or the activists in tiger costumes that inspired onlookers? Either way, shoppers at the Grove added their voices to the many that have already aired their disgust that the Colonels helping to trash the rainforest. Inside the KFC restaurant, an elderly woman shocked by the Colonels evil secret went even further by vowing never to eat at KFC again.
Local residents described the protest as creating a united effort to end rainforest destruction but our work is far from over. Until KFC wises up and cuts ties with companies that are turning ancient forests into cheap packaging Greenpeace supporters around the world will keep up the pressure.
If you havent already joined in, get revolting here. Finger licking good or not, KFC has no right to turn the rainforest into trash.
Written by Noel Shankel

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