A message from Larry the Twitter Bird

by Larry the Twitter Bird

April 9, 2014

Fellow Twitter users:

Yes, it was me who hatched yesterday from that giant green egg in front of Twitter’s headquarters. Yes, I called on my company to power its data centers with 100% renewable energy. And yes, Ive dyed my feathers green.

Not the kind of stunt you would expect from a company bird. Especially a bird like me, whose environmentalism tends to stick to the soba salad at Cha-Ya.

To be clear, this is all a bit personal for me. A friend of mine is in trouble, what with climate change messing up his migration patterns.

But really this is about Twitter. We arent just any tech companywere Twitter. Weve brought hundreds of millions of people together into a whole new culture of instant communication. Our platform has helped people topple dictatorships and served as a force for democracy. Cant we sidestep dirty energy for our own servers?

It used to be Facebook who was being asked to “unfriend coal. But now they have and get to be celebrated for Building a greener Internet. Twitter has the same opportunity.

Fellow Twitter users, join me in calling on my boss, @dickc, to power our company with clean energy.


And for the latest on the campaign, follow me @ClickCleanBird, #clickclean.

Do it for me. Do it for my friend. But most of all, do it for the company you love. Really, please. Feather dye is more expensive than youd think.


Larry the Twitter Bird,@ClickCleanBird

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