Nail biting as Greenpeace activists are hanging from bridge in Pittsburgh

by Michelle Frey

September 23, 2009

Greenpeace activists are hanging off a Pittsburgh bridge with a massive banner displaying our message to G20 leaders gathering for tomorrow’s summit. The banner takes the form of stylized "road sign" that warns of the political maneuvering and delay that have put a international climate treaty in jeopardy as the world enters the final stretch on the road to Copenhagen.

banner hang in pittsburgh

An update I just read on the Pittsburgh Business Times said, "Security personnel surrounded the area, with a bomb squad car directing traffic, and Army Corp., state police and city of Pittsburgh boats located in the water near the bridge."

We are all gathered here at the office watching a live video feed of activists repelling from the Pittsburgh bridge. We are all biting our fingernails, waiting to see what happens next.

Watch with us!

And, when the video gets taken down – you can follow live updates on the Greenpeace website.

The reason Greenpeace hung this massive banner is because world leaders need to work towards global warming solutions NOW!

World financial representatives and leaders of the G20 (19 of the world’s largest national economies, plus the European Union) are meeting in Pittsburgh to discuss both the global financial crisis and the global climate crisis.

It is important for G20 leaders to kick-start economic recovery through clean energy investment. These elements are vital to achieve a good deal in Copenhagen and avert catastrophic global warming.

Are you ready to step up to the plate? Join us in pressuring world leaders to act now before it’s too late. We can show world leaders the impact that civil society can have on solving the world’s challenges when we are unified.

Now more than ever, we need President Obama’s leadership to stop global warming, and he needs to hear from YOU

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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