Need to be Inspired?

by Guest Blogger

September 2, 2009

I consider myself a daring individual. I like karaoke, I am willing to try new things and take risks. I enjoy non-violent direct action as a way to bring about change in cultures, societal norms and political climates.

No one can compare to these Greenpeace Activists in India though. These activists scaled a thermal power plant in Kolaghat, India 2 days after the Kingsnorth 6. They, unlike the K6, are still waiting to have their charges dropped. (It’s been two years.) See their video talking about why they took action:


So inspirational. So amazing. The physical, emotional, and mental strenth of these activists is nothing to shake your fist at – they are working hard to change their community, country and world!

You know that Inspi(red) campaign to help AIDS? Well, I have always felt that really – the campgin should be Inspi(green). Okay, I admit… it’s definitely not as catchy, but that’s what should inspire people. The natural things around you are where you came from, and continues to support life on this planet. That should inspire you. These activists from India should inspire you. They have done it for me. Keep on the look out for Inspi(green) bags at a store near you! All proceeds will go back to the earth.

My point is, not all of us have what it takes to be arrested. That is okay! But that doesn’t mean we can’t change ourselves and the world around us. So, take action, talk to someone about what you believe and stand up for it! The planet needs you!

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