New video highlights Peabody, Arch, and Ambre’s plan to export coal and derail the climate

by Kelly Mitchell

January 30, 2013

Actress Alia Shawkat during the making of the "Coal Conspiracy" video project in New York, N.Y., Dec. 16, 2012. Photo by Hilary McHone

Hilary McHone

For years, coal has been the dominant source of electricity in our country, spewing dangerous levels of pollution into our air and water. But the world is changing. Communities are saying no to the smokestacks in their backyards, our federal government is moving forward with life-saving health and environmental standards, and renewable energy is growing fast and providing safe, cost-competitive electricity.

However, as we make progress toward a clean energy revolution in US, coal companies like Peabody, Arch, and Ambre are moving forward with aggressive plans to export publicly-owned US coal around the world.

Greenpeaces new video, The Coal Conspiracy, breaks down this industry plot, from government handouts and sham coal auctions, to the health and environmental impact of dozens of new coal trains and barges, to the massive climate consequences of unearthing and burning millions of tons of coal.

After you watch the video, you can go here for more information, reports, and photos.

If we want to avoid catastrophic climate change, the simple truth is that we cant afford to mine and burn more coal. Despite the risks, Peabody, Arch, and Ambre will go to end of the earth to sell their rocks, even if it means more storms, droughts, and wildfires for the rest of us.

But heres the good news. We can stop this. Already, tens of thousands of people are speaking out against coal exports, from Wyoming to Washington. Elected officials and community leaders are calling for investigations of coal industry practices. Thousands are descending on Washington DC this February to demand climate leadership from President Obama.

Now, its time for you to join this growing movement. Share this video with your friends, and lets shine some light on the coal conspiracy.

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Kelly Mitchell

By Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell is the Climate and Energy Campaign Director for Greenpeace, based in Chicago. Since 2006, she has worked with activists and organizations across the country to confront corporate polluters and transform U.S. energy policy. She currently leads Greenpeace's campaign for an economy powered by 100 percent renewable energy, pushing some of the largest companies in the world to embrace wind and solar and working alongside communities to develop a just and democratic energy system.

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