New Video – I Can’t Sit By: Stopping Coal in Chicago

by Kelly Mitchell

June 15, 2011

On May 24th eight activists scaled and occupied the 450 foot Fisk coal plant in Chicago and painted “Quit Coal” on the smokestack. That same day, a separate team of activists blocked a coal barge headed for Chicago’s Crawford coal plant.

This powerful new video tells the story of these two actions, and the legacy of community activism that inspired these individuals – myself included – to take a bold stand against a massive energy company.

More people live near Fisk and Crawford than any other coal plants in the country. These two plants are responsible for over 40 premature deaths every year.

For a decade, local community members in Chicago have been fighting this injustice and demanding their right to clean air. That fight will continue until the coal industry is no longer able to poison people for profit.

You can support the work of thousands of Chicagoans by sending a simple message to the plants’ owner, Edison International : Shut down Fisk and Crawford.

Kelly Mitchell

By Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell is the Climate and Energy Campaign Director for Greenpeace, based in Chicago. Since 2006, she has worked with activists and organizations across the country to confront corporate polluters and transform U.S. energy policy. She currently leads Greenpeace's campaign for an economy powered by 100 percent renewable energy, pushing some of the largest companies in the world to embrace wind and solar and working alongside communities to develop a just and democratic energy system.

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