Northwest Communities Rise Up Against Coal Exporters

by Brian Manning

April 12, 2014

Perhaps in the wildest dreams of wannabe coal exporter Ambre Energy, the state of Oregon has already granted all the permits necessary to develop coal terminals on the beautifulColumbia River. Nobody has takena thorough look at the impacts of transporting 8.8 million tons through a delicate ecosystem. And nobody has considered what the consequences will be for agricultural communities orimportant fisheries.

But Ambre’s dreams are far from reality.

Across the Pacific Northwest, communities are rallying to oppose coal exports, while exposing Ambre Energy as afinancially-riskyand untrustworthy partner.

As Pat Lichen, a local Greenpeace activist put it: Ambre Energy has failed anastounding seven timesto provide the requested information about the impacts of its Morrow Pacific Project. Oregon shouldnt do business with a company that has a history ofmisleading the public and officials.

Thedomestic coal market is collapsing, and Ambre is desperate. The broke start uprecently agreed to a takeover by arisk-hungry private equity fund. That doesn’t suggest along-term commitment to the health and well being of the people of Oregon.


Its not just the Northwest thats fighting back against a desperate and dangerous industry willing to profit from eco-destruction. In North Carolina, Greenpeace is working with allies to hold Duke Energy accountable for toxic coal ash spills.We are pushing Duke and its friends to invest in solar and other renewable sources of energy.

In China, our brothers and sisters have done the unimaginable and forced the worlds biggest coal company to back down from taking scarce water resources in arid land from farming communities.

The people are winning and stepping up to defend the climate in amazing ways. Now, activists have the coal industryrunning scared and showing key decision-makers that they must act now to stop these projects.

Eviction notice served! Oregon community members gather outsdie Ambre Energy's Portland, Oregon headquarters.

Eviction notice served! Oregon community members gather outsdie Ambre Energy’s Portland, Oregon headquarters.

Ambre Energys toxic coal export proposals pose a direct threat to communities and ecosystems not only in the Pacific Northwest but around the globe.

People continue to rally against toxic coal, the outdated technology that bears heavy responsibility forfueling climate change. In the Great Northwest, were looking to Oregons Gov. Kitzhaber and his Department of State Lands to do the right thing. They have to deny Ambre Energys permit for its proposed Morrow Pacific Project. Communities are ready to move them out for good.

By Brian Manning

Brian Manning is a field organizer in the Pacific Northwest with Greenpeace USA.

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