Photo of the Month – February 2012


March 8, 2012

The February 2012 Photo of the Month by Michael Nagle captures the newGreenpeace Rainbow Warrior, backlit by the setting sun as it sails by the Statue ofLiberty in New York Harbor.

The Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior sails past the Statue of Liberty

The silhouette and shadows of the ship etched against the sea, Lady Liberty tall in the glow of a winter sunset, is breathtaking. In the background,plumes of archaic, industrial smoke of New Jersey on the far horizon provide compelling contrast to the ship’s contemporarypower and speed.

A week after this image was captured, I was able to go onboard in Baltimore, sailingsouth through Chesapeake Bay and out into the Atlantic Ocean around CapeHatteras. While on board, I got to know the rhythm of the ship, to adjust to itsrestless motion under sail. I watched the earth turn beneath the

sun by day and the moon by night. I sawdolphins leaping in the bow wake and sea turtles lifting their heads to watch us pass. After a few days of tumult, we sailed into the calmer Cape Fear River,dropping anchor near shore. The ship — seeming ever eager to get back to the open ocean — pulled on the chain like a restless kite hoping to regain the wind.

As the Rainbow Warrior makes its way around the world, it will doubtless aweand inspire people in many ports and on many transits. Crew will come and go.The sails will fill and be furled. The mission will go on.

Sail on Rainbow Warrior! May justice steer you and the needs of life onearth and in oceans set your course.


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