Polar Bears: Devious or in Danger?

by Alexis Sadoti

March 15, 2010

Polar bears are so deceptive. All along they have been the ones behind global warming and concocting radical schemes to get themselves on the endangered list. They have been polluting Alaskan waters and destroying their own habitats for decades just to prove a point. They want the fame and the fortune that goes hand in hand with being endangered. Polar bears are out to ruin Alaskas economy, how conniving of them.

Wait, whats wrong with this picture?

About a fifth of the worlds diminishing polar bear population resides in Alaska. Recently, polar bears have been added to the endangered species list. How outrageous! Those polar bears should be ashamed of themselves! Of course, Alaskan law makers must remedy the bears meddling antics by spending millions of dollars to try and have the decision reversed. Those darn bears are purposely ruining their economy!

Polar bears are one of the largest bears on earth whose only predator is man. Global warming and oil spills are the largest threats currently effecting polar bears. Global warming diminishes habitats and when oil sticks to their fur, they cannot regulate their body temperature and if they ingest it while grooming it causes death. Hmm, isnt Alaskas main source of state revenue supplied by the oil industry? So, by protecting the polar bears and their natural habitat, it could effect the pipelines? Well, we simply cannot have that. The bears must go!

OrAlaskas economy could maintain their fishing and mining economy, which held them for so many centuries. But, why settle when you can kill off a majestic arctic animal that cannot help where it lives or how it is effected? Alaskan lawmakers are trying to put together a campaign to get the bears off the endangered list and into their graves. If polar bears arent protected now, what will happen? Despite what these politicians say, the animals are decreasing; their population is not stable. Polar bears cannot just pack up their suitcases and head off to the Caribbean for a nice vacation when things get tough up in the Arctic.

Alaskan legislatures are getting antsy. For years environmentalists have petitioned for more Alaskan animals to be listed and for offshore petroleum exploration be stopped. And now that they have finally gotten their way, lawmakers are not happy (to put it nicely). “The application for this listing is based on the unfounded, unproven scientific hypothesis that climate change is caused by human activity, in the form of increased release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” said Harris, who was House speaker. Global warming is simply a glitch? Its not actually happening? Wake up Alaska, global warming is real, and its headed strait for the arctic.

Polar bears did not do this to themselves, nor were they scheming to ruin Alaskas economy. They are just one of the thousands of helpless species subjected to pollution and global warming. They finally caught a break, so please dont ruin it for them.

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