Polluterharmony on Valentines Day, from Capitol Hill to Canada


February 14, 2011

Valentines Day is a big deal for Polluterharmony, the #1 matchmaking site for polluters, politicians, and industry lobbyists. To help make sure that politicians and their staff know about the new Polluterharmony contest, we distributed flyers as they arrived at work this morning on Capitol Hill.

On the flyer is the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Fred Upton, here’s a sample of his featured profile at – “Now that I’m a global warming skeptic, I get all the attention I want from Koch Industries, Entergy and other companies that have shown how much I mean to them in a half-a-million ways. Nothing says “you’re special” like cold, hard cash.”

In more exciting news, Polluterharmony has gone international! A new video showing how Polluterharmony is bringing together tar sands-loving oil executives and the Canadian Environment Minister is now up at the new Polluterharmony Canada.

Meanwhile, here in Washington DC, dirty energy lobbyists certainly seem to be taking a keen interest in the new freshman class, as reported in Politico: “K Street takes Lawmakers to School

Long accustomed to the red-carpet treatment from congressional Republicans, energy lobbyists are fretting over the GOP’s freshman class, filled with tea party members and other unpredictable newcomers who might not yet be sold on the merits of offshore drilling and nuclear energy.

They’re scrambling to win over the newbie lawmakers with finely tuned talking points, briefing books — and of course, campaign contributions for Republicans, some of whom already are facing tough races just two years out.

Connecting oil and nuclear lobbyists with new members of Congress – that’s exactly the kind of thing Polluterharmony was made for. But other examples of polluter-politician love abound, so be sure to submit your suggestions of the best match. Submitting your polluterharmony suggestion is simple: if you use Twitter, just include the hashtag #polluterharmony and tweet anything that shows a special relationship between polluters and politicians. And remember, the best match will get a special Polluterharmony surprise!


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