Post-Sandy: A Friday in Rockaway Beach

by Robert Gardner

November 16, 2012

Mobile Solar Lighting Unit

Today was another sunny, but cold, day in Rockaway Beach. With nearly 6 kilowatts of solar panels deployed, the kitchen, the YANA headquarters, communications, the medical clinic and houses here are really enjoying the light. With help from SolaRover, Solar1 and the Greenpeace Rolling Sunlight the Rockaways are being repowered with solar electricity.

Here, solar is the solution.

Over the past few days, the Red Cross has been handing out solar phone chargers to people that dont have electricity. These little units are letting the community charge their phones when the sun is out.

For the Red Cross, solar is the solution.

Today, the New York Department of Transportation even dropped off a solar powered flood light to make sure that were keeping the medical clinic and kitchen safe and sound.

For New York Department of Transportation, solar is the solution.

So when are we going to make sure that every single home, business, electric company, and government is using solar power as a first option? When are our politicians going to put the appropriate incentives in place to re-power this country with clean, renewable electricity?

In Rockaway Beach, public and private industry agrees that solar is the solution after Sandy. When we make the choice for clean energy we make the choice for clean air, sustainable long-term jobs, and a habitable planet for future generations.

The choice is as clear as the sun in the sky thats powering this relief effort.

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