President Biden: Global Plastics Treaty Now!

by John Hocevar

June 10, 2021

Tell President Biden to champion an ambitious international agreement to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

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This weekend, President Biden could make critical strides to tackle the global plastic pollution crisis that is poisoning our oceans, killing marine life, and harming our communities …. but will he?

For the first time in history, consideration of a future Global Plastic Treaty to tackle the plastic pollution crisis may be brought to the table at the international G7 Summit. Yet, the United States is the only G7 country that hasn’t publicly supported development of this pioneering global agreement. This is a key moment for President Biden to make sure that the US isn’t a barrier, but a leader in tackling plastic pollution globally!

What better way to celebrate June as Oceans Month than for the United States to use this opportunity to support a global treaty on plastic pollution?

Act Now: Tell President Biden to champion a Global Plastics Treaty to tackle the global plastic crisis.

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This first of its kind international effort will be a gamechanger in breaking free from plastic pollution that is doing irreversible harm to our oceans and animals, like whales, dolphins, and turtles, that call it home. And treaty buy-in from the United States needs to start at the G7 Summit — we only have months until the UN next meets in September to discuss the treaty and we need the US to be on board NOW for this agreement to be as strong as possible.

This treaty is so important because global leadership on addressing single-use plastic cannot wait! The United States is facing a plastic pollution crisis that is impacting the planet and our communities at every level of its lifecycle. Beyond poisoning our oceans and marine life with plastic waste, the fossil fuel industry — makers of plastic — are also fueling the climate crisis and harming Black, Brown, and frontline communities living in and near petrochemical facilities and extraction zones.

Add your name today to urge President Joe Biden to support a Global Plastics Treaty to break free from plastic on a global scale!

Thanks to plastic activists like you, and our new Congress, we are closer than ever before to passing the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act — the pioneering domestic legislation to hold corporations accountable for the plastic pollution crisis. However, joining an international agreement on plastics will make national US policy even more tangible, and also essential to comply with global agreement terms on holding plastic polluters accountable. That’s why we need President Biden to commit the US to a global treaty before the G7 Summit!

President Biden has the power and opportunity in this key moment to take action on a global scale to help tackle plastic pollution, and we must make sure he hears our voices!

Take action to demand President Biden join other G7 nations in endorsing a global treaty to fight plastic pollution.

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John Hocevar

By John Hocevar

An accomplished campaigner, explorer, and marine biologist, John has helped win several major victories for marine conservation since becoming the director of Greenpeace's oceans campaign in 2004.

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