Preventing a toxic legacy

by Mike Johnson

April 26, 2012

As Ted Craver and Edison International convene their Annual General Meeting today, community residents in Chicago consider the future use of the sites of Fisk and Crawford, the city’s two coal plants. Edison agreed to close the plants in response to overwhelming grassroots support months ago. Solutions for how to deal with potential contamination have been more elusive. Community activists are well represented in a process to discuss these solutions and things are moving forward. Representatives from LVEJO, PERRO and Pilsen Alliance have been taking solutions right to Mayor Emmanuel. While this is encouraging, Edison has been hesitant to assume clean-up responsibilities at the plants. If Edison is not held accountable, Chicago taxpayers could end picking up the clean-up tab. Calling on those who have suffered from decades of pollution to clean the plants up when it is Edison who has profited from their operation is simply unjust. Let’s turn Fisk & Crawford into bright spots, not blight spots in the Pilsen and Little Village communities. Join us in calling on Ted Craver and Edison International to avert a toxic legacy and clean up the Fisk and Crawford sites once and for all.

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