Solar Stories: reflections from the renewable energy frontline, Charlotte NC

by Guest Blogger

July 31, 2014

The solar energy groundswell has risen in North Carolina. Solarize Charlotte is concluding on a high note as the most successful Solarize program in the state with over 600 signups for free solar assessments and many new installations. The initiative has experienced such overwhelming success, in part because of support from concerned community members who care deeply about energy issues.

“Solar Stories” is a project of Greenpeace Charlotte interns to capture the human faces of solar advocacy and demonstrate what solar energy means to Charlotte community members. The stories were compiled from meetings with over 20 people who have been involved with energy issues in the Charlotte area.

There are many reasons why people in Charlotte are passionate about solar. Solar is cleaner and cheaper energy that protects air and water, boosts the economy, and reduces our carbon footprint. As solar energy becomes more accessible, Charlotteans give testament to residential solar as a solution to the problems that dirty energy has caused in their communities. Solar Stories records the narratives of everyday people and their reasons for supporting solar energy.

Solarize has not only demonstrated demand for solar energy options among Charlotte residents, but has provided Charlotteans with the opportunity to take a stand for something positive and make a difference in their own neighborhoods. Check out their Solar Stories here.


Thomas Solar StorySteve Solar Story Shawn Solar Story Scott Solar Story Sally Solar Story Ron Bryant Solar Story Robin Solar Story Rev. Nancy Solar Story Rachael Solar StoryNancy Bryant Solar Story Melvin Solar Story Luis Solar Story Ken Solar Story Deb Solar Story Connor Solar Story Brieanna Solar Story Beth Solar Story Ashleigh Solar Story Antoine Solar StoryAlan Solar Story Ahmer Solar Story

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