Solarize Installations Begin in Charlotte, NC

by Hanna Mitchell

July 2, 2014

The solar energy revolution is underway and here to stay. By 2016, it is estimated that a new solar installation will go up every 86 seconds in the United States! Thats good news for both the climate and energy consumers, (i.e. everyone) because solar is an increasingly affordable energy option that reduces our dependence on dirty, dangerous, and outdated energy.

In North Carolina, distributed solar is taking off, thanks in part to grassroots programs. In Charlotte, NC the first 3 of many new solar installations have just gone up, through a program called Solarize.

Solarize Charlotte is a grassroots initiative to make going solar as easy and affordable as possible. The Solarize model began in Portland, Oregon in 2009, as a way for homeowners to dramatically increase the number of houses with rooftop solar. Now Greenpeace, and over 20 different non-profits and community groups, has brought Solarize to the Queen City of North Carolina.

Check out the photos below from the first installations!

To learn more about Solarize Charlotte, check it out here.


Christian Lofton with Renewable Energy Design (RED) Group and Daryl Cox with Sylverster & Cockrum Installers, aligning a panel and tightening the nib clamps.


Daniel Flynt is putting the rails in placed and preparing to mount the panels.


Matt Berg is installing flashing to ensure no leaks in the roof.


Daryl Cox is Carrying a panel to the roof. All panels used for Solarize Charlotte are 100% U.S. made Solar World panels.



Jeff Redwine, Co-owner of RED Group, with Terry Taylor-Allen and Mark Allen who just put solar on their roof through Solarize Charlotte. Jeff is holding a 250watt poly panel.


Matt Berg and the crew, making attachments for rails and panels


Christian Lofton, Renewable Energy Design Group, preparing for the first installation–and many more.


Hanna Mitchell

By Hanna Mitchell

Hanna Mitchell is a Field Organizer for Greenpeace USA based in Charlotte, NC. She works to bring clean, safe, affordable, and renewable energy options to communities in North Carolina.

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