Solidarity With The Mountains

by Robert Gardner

August 1, 2012

Greenpeace asks Duke Energy in North Carolina to quit coal

There is nothing better than confronting corporate polluters.

As my friend Cassady just reported on, we’ve been rolling throughout the state exposing one of the nation’s biggest polluters — Duke Energy and promoting our report about how renewable electricity can save ratepayers 108 billion dollars at the same time.

And, perhaps most importantly, the company can stop burning Appalachian mountains to poison people here in North Carolina.

Though Duke has made clear their commitment to using Appalachian coal, the campaign to save those beautiful mountains is picking up speed in a very real way.

Over the past week, people from around the country put their bodies, their freedom and their morality on the line to stop mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia.

From what I heard, things were pretty rough.

And 19 of them are still in jail facing a 25,000 bail (with some severe restrictions). Though just released, one person (Dustin) was denied much needed medical attention.

Thats unconscionable. It cannot stand.

I can think of three ways you can help in the fight right now.

First, write letters to the folks who are still in jail. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Second, though were not in with them in Appalachia (at least I’m not), we can donate to their legal defense. Give to the RAMPS fund they took action to save the mountains and you can too.

Sign the petition — 25,000 for peaceful protestors is perverse. Be heard.

Get involved — Come to APIEL, join the mobilization, create a local group and view Coal Country or On Coal River.

Be an activist be a leader organize your community take action win.

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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