Sometimes We Need To Be the Leaders Ourselves (video)

by Melissa Thompson

February 18, 2011

Some days I’m reminded that I have the coolest job in the world. 

Today is one of those days.  

It’s not everyday that I get to brag about not just one but two new videos we’ve got about why we need to quit coal.

On the heels of yesterday’s exciting action in Bridgeport, and with the help of professional shooters on the ground (or should I say water), plus great footage from activists wielding cameras, check out this profile of tough-as-nails Lauren Thorpe and see why she’s all fired up:

Next, get out your hanky for “TAKING ON THE COAL INDUSTRY IN NORTH CAROLINA,” producer Julie Konop’s great short doc about activists in Wilmington NC coming together and standing up to the corporate polluters in their backyards.

As part of the Coal Free Future tour, Greenpeace visited Wilmington, NC to support citizen activists like Brinkley Hutchings, Kayne Darrell and Andy Wood, who are working to shut down coal plants, prevent the construction of a coal-burning cement plant and bring more renewable energy to their communities.


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