Take action! Only 48 hours to protect the walrus

by Melanie Duchin

September 22, 2010

MelanieCrowded, shoulder-to-shoulder, tens of thousands of walrus are clinging to life on a tiny beach along the coast of Alaska. The Pacific walrus have no where else to turn—the sea ice they normally rest on is melting.

And, to make matters worse, scientists worry that walrus calves are in serious jeopardy. It only takes one spooked, one-ton walrus, to turn the beach into disaster—walrus stampeding and crushing each other in a panic.

The effects of global warming are making many species, like the Pacific walrus, endangered. They’re struggling to find a place to live.

This summer, sea ice is reaching another record low—third only to the devastating lows of 2007 and 2008 that stranded unprecedented numbers of walruses on land.

Adding to the urgency, the federal government released a report saying there’s a 40% chance that Pacific walrus will be on a path to extinction by century’s end.

The Pacific walrus need our help—take action today.

Pacific walrusCurrently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is deciding whether (or not) to list the Pacific walrus as an endangered species. They can’t survive without the extra protections provided under the Endangered Species Act.

Help give the walrus a fighting chance! The deadline for public comments is this Friday. We have less than 48 hours to help save the walrus. Please speak up by taking a moment to tell the Service that extinction is forever—save the Pacific walrus before it’s too late.

From Alaska,
Melanie Duchin
Arctic Program Director

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