The coolest animals in the Arctic

by Malo Herry

December 18, 2012

When it comes to the Arctic, we’ve been talking in numbers a lot lately. We’re going to take a break from the math for a minute to talk about one of the many reasons we’re working so hard to protect the Arctic: the wildlife. And for the record, Arctic sea iceexperienced the lowest levels of sea ice ever recorded this August (we couldn’t resist)!The Arctic is currently at risk from oil companies like Shell looking to profit from sea ice melt by drilling in the Arctic Ocean.We have to prevent companies to drill in the Arctic as these low sea ice levels only encourage them. An oil spill in this area is not only a likely occurrence, it would be disastrous for the surrounding ecosystem particularly, not to mention the global climate. Join us to protect the future of these amazing creatures and each of our futures as well. Save the Arctic!

The Arctic fox, also known as white fox, polar fox or snow fox. Its fur changes color with the seasons: white in the winter, to blend in with snow and brown in the summer.

Polar bears. Adult males can grow to be 10 feet tall and weigh over 1400 pounds.

The walrus can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes.


Seals are thought to have evolved from bear, or otter-like ancestors who lived on land.

A seal

Narwhals. The unicorns of the sea.Enough said.

Pod of Narwhals in Greenland

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