The Extraction Industry Must End

by Phil Radford

March 25, 2012

The 99% are rising up against dirty energy in our country.

Nationwide, there is a growing realization that power companies are part of the 1%. It is absolutely clear the extraction industry must be stopped along with the companies that support it.

Continuing to extract coal, oil, uranium and fracked gas is destroying our climate, our health – and due to the industrys greed and graft – our democracy.

Dominion is a prime example.

They are one of the largest burners of coal in the country. They own a fleet of oil plants and are doubling down on natural gas. Its difficult to forget the nuclear scare last year at one of its plants in North Anna. Dominion is actually investing in new coal fired power stations.

Thats why I, along with our friends at Chesapeake Climate Action Network and, chose to join hundreds of protestors for a March to End Dominions Power Madness in Richmond, Virginia. We encircled Dominions headquarters demanding they stop profiting from pollution. We want them to shift from the dirty energy sources they use now to real renewable energy like wind, solar and geothermal.

Virginia has abundant renewables potential, giving Dominion ample opportunity to move past coal, nukes and dangerous fossil fuels. But Dominion doesnt care about the health and well-being of the communities that live around their hulking coal plants, and it doesnt care about its massive contribution to climate change.

In fact, the corporation is lobbying against citizen protections from coal pollution both at the state and federal level. It has rorted laws introduced to encourage renewable energy development, allowing the company to collect a $76 million renewable energy windfall while not introducing a single kilowatt of wind or solar power.

Community opposition to Dominions dirty energy has been fierce for years. Tens of thousands of Virginians have spoken. They dont want to pay for Dominion to risk the health of our citizens while polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink.

By investing in renewable energy, Dominion can carry the commonwealth to a prosperous renewable energy future. Until then, the fight for our future will continue.

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