The True Test

by Philip Radford

April 14, 2009

Just this week scientists report that Joshua Tree National Park may no longer have Joshua Trees. Glacier National Park may be ice-free by 2030. All of this because of global warming.
America the Beautiful may not be so beautiful if we dont stop global warming. The problem is that we have a few dinosaurs in office who are aligned with the companies that burn fossil fuels (coal, oil) who, together, stand in the way of global warming solutions.
The good news is that Washington is being swept with a new generation of leadership. The integrity, forward thinking, and stewardship of the public interest over special interests demonstrated by President Obama is truly inspiring. However, his ability to stay true to what science and future generations demand will be tested.
But the true test will be of us. The true test will be if we, together, can stand up to the dinosaurs in this new era of hope and hold President Obama and our elected officials to the highest moral standard.
The planet depends on it.

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