Time Out!

by Meena Hussein

October 3, 2012

A polar bear and her cub. Greenpeace is in the Arctic to document the lowest sea ice level on record.

© Daniel Beltrá / Greenpeace

We’ve been saying this all along with our save the Arctic campaign – the oil industry needs to stop their risky drilling practices now. Old equipment, old technology, old theories about how to clean up an oil spill, and old ways of producing energy just can’t cut it anymore. The Arctic is a pristine place that just can’t take this sort of uncertainty.

Now, the drilling safety chief at Department of the Interior agrees as well.

Joe Watson, drilling safety chief at the Interior Department (DOI), has noted that existing technology and management systems to drill for oil are being used in higher and higher risk areas, like the Arctic.

So I think there is a role for someone outside of the business to actually be able to say time-out, we are now stretched about as far as we might want to be stretched with the technology that has been in place for 10, 20 years or whatever. – Joe Watson

We agree. It’s time for our government to finally step in and ask for a time out. To lead us in a different direction. It’s time for companies to realize the risk is too great for companies to take on.

Take action to save the Arctic now: www.savethearctic.org

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