Totally into ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

by Guest Blogger

May 1, 2014

If youre like us, youve been riveted by Years of Living Dangerously, Showtimes series on climate change.

The series has been taking us around the world to see that climate change is not a vague problem in the distant future but a crisisour world is experiencing right now. And it has done it with satisfying doses of cinematic excitement, scientific rigor, and powerful, human narratives.

It has been so refreshing to see such high production value devoted to the extreme adversity and transformations wrought by climate change. Its a scary story, but we have to admit: its good to see that somebody is pulling out all the stops.

Don Cheadle talks to a farmer suffering drought in Plainview, TX.

Don Cheadle talks to a farmer suffering drought in Plainview, TX.

Of course it doesnt hurt that the series has some knockout hosts, including Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, America Ferrera, and Ian Somerhalder. And its produced by some Hollywood heavy hitters, including James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trust us, the series is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Obviously, there is a lot of crossover between Years of Living Dangerously and Greenpeace campaigns, much of which youll recognize if youve been keeping up with us. This Sundays episode is especially close to our hearts. Leslie Stahl ventures up to the Arctic to investigate the dynamics of melting sea ice. Check out this clip:

Its no secret that the Arctic is deeply affected by climate change. It is where some of the most extreme impacts have occurred so far. As the oceans have warmed, the Arctic has arguably been affected more than any other single region on the planet. And as the oil industry sets its sights, and drills, on the Arctic, the human species is living dangerously indeed.

In fact, just this week, Greenpeace activistspulled off a big protest against Russias Arctic drilling.

The first shipment of oil ever extracted from Arctic waters pulled into port in Rotterdam, and Greenpeace activists were there to greet it. Two Greenpeace ships and dozens of activists including seven members of the Arctic 30 were all there, doing what they do best.

Pulling out all the stops. Were happy Showtime is with us.

Here’s another clip from the next episode:

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