Victory in Alaska

by Melanie Duchin

February 4, 2011

Go beyond oil

Thanks to you I’ve got very exciting news from Alaska. Shell’s CEO just announced that the company will not be drilling offshore in Alaska’s Arctic waters in 2011.

This announcement comes just days after BP said that they were delaying their insane Liberty Island project until at least 2013.

Take a moment and enjoy this — it belongs to you. These two victories would have been impossible if it wasn’t for the tens of thousands of phone calls, handwritten letters and emails from activists just like you.

Take action

And while you’re enjoying this one, take a minute to help keep the momentum going by sending Interior Secretary Salazar a message telling him to take the next step and ban ALL offshore drilling in Alaska’s Arctic waters. For good. Just click here to take action.

The oil companies see the writing on the wall. They know that there’s no way to clean up an oil spill in Arctic waters. They also know that the cost of doing business in the Arctic just went way up thanks to the disaster in the Gulf last year. Shell’s CEO said as much himself.

This wouldn’t have become reality without our pressure. The flood of messages over the last six months to Secretary Salazar’s office has led to unprecedented scrutiny on Arctic drilling permit requests. We’re seeing the delays today because of your actions. Together we can keep the momentum going and urge Secretary Salazar to take the final step and simply ban drilling in Arctic waters forever.

Please join me and take action today. An oil spill off the Arctic coast would be catastrophic for both the ecosystem and people living there. It’s not worth the few drops of oil.

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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