VIDEO: Just another day punking the Chamber of Commerce

by Ben Smith

November 20, 2009

Its not every day that the US Chamber of Commerce shows up on my doorstep here in the city by the Bay. Since the Chamber is the multi-million dollar lobbyist muscle for some of the biggest climate criminal corporations in the world, I decided to rearrange my morning to pay them a visit. Lets see, to do list for Thursday:

8:00 am Punk Chamber with balloon banner in lobby of their conference. Check.

8:30 Meet up for coffee, tell stories, high five! Check.

8:35 Back to the office to take on more corporate polluters. Check. I love my life.

Here’s a little backstory and an idea for what you can do:

Weve seen some high profile businesses leave the Chamber recently because their extreme position on climate change has put it out of step with the growing number of US businesses that support the clean energy and climate legislation that would strengthen our economy and protect our planet. With President Tom Donohue at the helm of the Chamber, the climate lies and deception have been free-flowing. Hence, our banner reads: Donohues Climate Lies: Bad for Business, Bad for America.

My personal message to Donohue: if youre going to parade around in San Francisco with your sassy double talk on the climate, youd better believe well be there to speak truth directly to your power, even if its over your morning breakfast pastry at a swanky hotel.

The important take home here is that this isnt about Tom Donohue or banners its about saving the climate, and the millions of people and countless species that will be effected if we dont. The American business community and the planet will continue to be harmed as long as Don0hues Chamber stands in the way of meaningful climate action.

Whats next for Tom Donohue? Well, thats up to you. People like him could be leading the world toward climate solutions. He should be held accountable for doing the opposite. So call for Donohue to get fired. You can start on the Chamber facebook fan page here (a good read for some zany propaganda). Don’t be shy about fanning the page, leaving a comment about what you think of Donohue and the Chamber’s anti-climate propaganda, and then un-fanning the page.

Have fun and thanks for raising your voice to save the climate!

Ben Smith

By Ben Smith

Ben Smith is the Field Organizing Manager for Greenpeace USA, based in Seattle, WA. He enables and empowers people-powered campaigns to end the era of fossil fuels, including Greenpeace’s role in the movement to stop the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline expansion. #StopKM

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