Walmart is misleading us on plastics

The holiday season is here and Walmart is still using misleading recyclability labels on its disposable plastic products and packaging.

by Melanie Duchin

December 14, 2020

Walmart: remove misleading recycling labels from plastic products!

The holiday season is here and Walmart is still using misleading recyclability labels on its disposable plastic products and packaging.

This spring, a shocking Greenpeace investigative report revealed that many common plastics labeled “recyclable” by Walmart and other major plastic polluting companies are actually not recyclable. This means that the majority of single-use plastics you dutifully “recycle” during the holidays and year-round are likely to be incinerated, landfilled, or wind up in the environment.

Greenpeace thought Walmart would be shocked too…but we were wrong. Even after being informed months ago, Walmart is still misleading consumers about the recyclability of its throwaway plastic products and packaging.

Because of these false recycling claims, Greenpeace is taking things to the next level by suing Walmart for misleading its customers. The lawsuit demands that Walmart immediately stop using false and misleading recyclability labels on disposable plastic products and packaging sold under Walmart’s private labels.

Companies can’t keep customers in the dark especially when our communities and planet are on the line.

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According to Walmart, the megastore is committed to 100 percent recyclable, reusable, or industrially-compostable packaging in its in-house private brand label by 2025. That commitment is meaningless until Walmart removes false recycling labels from its single-use plastic products and packaging.

Add your voice today to demand Walmart strip false recycling labels from its store brand plastic packaging.

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This rampant greenwashing by powerful corporations is why Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against Walmart calling for it to immediately correct this plastic recycling cover-up by removing these false labels. And as customers, we have more power than ever to call out Walmart for misleading us about its plastic products.

This is a monumental campaign. Walmart is the largest U.S. retailer, and a winning suit will set a powerful precedent for other corporations to follow suit in removing their false plastic recycling labels.

Amp up our work today by adding your name to demand Walmart remove false recycling labels from its plastic packaging.

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